The Ingage model of strategy is outcomes-based, starting with Dream and Discover sessions facilitated by experienced strategic growth coaches. During our Dream Sessions, we work with owners, boards, and CEO’s to flush out a shared vision of the future. From that point, we assemble a cross-functional team of senior and middle-level managers to run our Discover Session which is a 1/2 day or full-day session to orient the current state of business and identify the major opportunities to realize our shared vision of the future.

The Ingage 5D Strategic Planning Model


After the Dream and Discovery sessions we move into the execution phases to put strategy in motion at ALL levels of the organization. During the Design phase, we bring in People and Team-Based Analytics to design a People Strategy that gets the right people in the right positions to execute on your business strategy. We leverage artificial intelligence to predict how a given team will communicate, take action, and make decisions.

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See what your Team Type is and if they are the right team to pursue your Strategy.
Team Work Styles Employee Experience
With Predictive Index advanced People Analytics we can look at the individual, their relationship with others, and how an entire team interacts.


Once we have a business strategy and people strategy designed, we work with your team to operationalize and communicate that strategy across and down through the organization with our Cascade Strategy from Ingage.

Identify risks and areas where your strategic plan is in jeopardy.


Ingage sits on your bench and works hand and hand with senior executives, board, and owners to continually monitor and dynamically pivot strategy when needed. Through our QSR (Quarterly Strategic Review) we run a 1/2 day meeting quarterly focused solely on pushing accountability and keeping strategy on track.