Leading Through Uncertainty

Resources that will help you lead through uncertainty

These are unprecedented times. Left unaddressed, uncertainty will paralyze people and organizations. At Ingage, we do our part to bring employees, companies and communities back on track by sharing our experience and good practices to lead through uncertainty. 

Dr. Brad Cousins, Ingage’s founder, is a veteran of the turnaround and private equity industries. In many ways, dealing with uncertainty and regaining firm control in times of trouble is his trade. In the post-pandemic world, this experience is more relevant than ever. 

This page offers multiple resources to help you regain control of your future and lead through uncertainty.    

Leading Through Uncertainty webinar at the Walton School on Business

Listen to Dr. Brad Cousins discussing the impact of uncertainty on organizations and best practices to regain control of your future through adaptability, resilience, and prediction.

Ingage makes these resources accessible to all:

Resilience-How to Build the Stress Resistant Organization

Adaptability-6 Actions to Adapt Your Organization to Uncertainty

Predictability- The Prediction Paradox and the Power of Analytics

Arkansas Business -September 28, 2020


Additional research related to uncertainty