Engagement Surveys

Imagine you have a team of 10 employees using a rope to pull a boulder up a hill. 

  • Two people are pulling with all their might. 
  • Seven people are pulling—but not at full force.
  • One person is actively sawing the rope in half.

If your people are disengaged, this is what’s happening in your workplace every day. And it’s preventing you from reaching your business goals. 

Just imagine what your company could achieve if all employees pulled in the same direction at full force! The revolutionary PI Diagnose solution makes this dream a reality.

The PI Diagnose solution

The PI Diagnose solution is a powerful framework for solving engagement problems—and maintaining employee engagement. From software to workshops to expert consulting, we give you the tools and knowledge you need to shift your company into high gear.

PI Employee Experience SurveyTM

Uncover why your employees are disengaged, what you’re doing well, and how you can take action to fix or maintain engagement.

Employee experience coaching

Don’t go it alone. As a expert PI Certified Partner, Ingage will guide you in administering the PI Employee Experience Survey, sharing results, and implementing actionable next steps to ensure success.

Ingage is the Certified Predictive Index Partner for Arkansas | Louisiana | Mississippi but our reach extends worldwide!